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  ​Appeal Committee​

    An Appeal Committee, established by virtue of Section 19 of the National Land Transport Authority (NLTA) Act 2019, has been set up to determine appeals against decisions of the NLTA as provided    

    under the Road Traffic Act and the Light Rail Act.

    The Appeal Committee is presided by Mr Sandilen Calliappen, Barrister-at-Law.

    Procedures to be complied when lodging Appeals:

   1.  The Appeal shall be lodged with the Secretary of the Appeal Committee not later than 21 days as from the date decision of NLTA is communicated to Appellant;

   2.  The Appeal shall be made in writing specifying the grounds of appeal on which appellant relies.

   3.  The Appeal shall be accompanied by an Appeal Fee of Rs2,000 which is to be paid at the following address:

         7th Floor, Max City Building. Corner Remy Ollier and Louis Pasteur Streets, Port Louis.

   Contact Details (Secretariat)

   c/o Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail

   10th Floor, Air Mauritius Building

   President John Kennedy Street

   Port Louis​

  Telephone: 202 9161/202 9159