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​National Transport Corporation



The National Transport Corporation (NTC) was set up as a body corporate to operate public transport services in Mauritius by an Act of Parliament (The National Transport Corporation Act 1979) on 24th April 1979. It started its operations on 12th March 1980. The share capital of the Corporation is fully owned by the Government.

From modest beginning, after taking over the assets of the ex-Vacoas Transport Co Ltd., the NTC has grown into a major public transport operator.


A new era has begun at the NTC.  Its corporate office became officially operational as from 15 November 2017.  The Corporation embarked onto a rebranding exercise, including the design of a new logo.

 The modernisation of the fleet of the NTC took off with the purchase, in 2016, of one hundred semi-low floor buses from China by the NTC from its own funds. This has contributed significantly to improve the service across the island and has helped enhance the image of the Corporation.

 Furthermore, the Government of the People's Republic of China has donated 20 semi- low floor buses in 2016 and 28 semi-low floor buses in 2017.

 The NTC now operates 148 smart buses fitted with wifi and digital display screens.

 The old buses are gradually being replaced by new ones.


 The NTC, a major player in the public transportation sector, employs 2161 persons.  It has a fleet of 540 buses and operates on 97 routes.  An average of 3500 trips is performed out daily, including 337 dedicated school trips.  Every day, the NTC buses carry a total of about 150,000 passengers and cover some 86,000 kilometers.​


Address: National Transport Corporation, Corporate Office, 1st Floor, NG Tower, Wall Street, Cybercity, Ebene

Tel: (230) 460 5050

Fax: 489 3926


Head Office

Bonne Terre, Vacoas

Tel: (230) 427 5000

Fax: 426 5489

Website :