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​Metro Express​

The Government of Mauritius aims to provide for a multimodal transportation system through the development and operation of a Light Rail Transit system known as the Metro Express Project.

The Metro Express Limited (MEL), fully owned by the Government of Mauritius, was set up for the implementation the Project in 26 October, 2016.

The Metro Express Project was launched on 10 March,2017.

The e-launch of the first phase from Port Louis to Rose Hill was carried out by the Hon. Prime Minister P. K. Jugnauth on 03 October,2019.

Free passenger service started on 22 December, 2019 and lasted till 05 January, 2020.

Commercial operation of the Metro Express Project started on 10 January,2020.

The Metro Express Project has modernised the public transport lan​dscape in Mauritius. The Metro Express provides a reliable, safe and rapid mass transit commute. It is a new, clean and green mode of transport that helps to lower the emission of greenhouse gases.