Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail

Mission and Vision

To provide a strategic direction for the development of land transport;

To improve road safety through a multi-pronged approach including the legislative framework, engineering, education, sensitisation and enforcement;

To regulate and control the transport of goods and passengers;

To reduce traffic congestion though proper traffic management schemes and traffic

planning; and

To provide a reliable, safe, affordable and customer friendly service along dedicated routes.

A user friendly, modern and sustainable land transport system in a safe and fluid traffic environment.​

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Road Safety Slam Competition 2022

01 Stewelderson Casimir

02 Alia Kala

03 Catelina Nanon


05 Merish Gujadhur

06 Lindsay Moothien - Quator

07 Lindsay Moothien - Trio

08 Heerah Vedanand

09 Jean Herwin

10 Anaïs Carpenen

11 Public Vote - Jerry Inassee

Road Safety Campaign Videos


Road safety clip "Mo Papa"

Road safety clip "Vitess"

Road Safety Campaign