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National Road Safety Council​

The National Road Safety Council has been set up under section 178A of the Road Traffic Act.

The functions of the council are to:

a) advise the Minister on-

i) the introduction of appropriate road safety measures;

ii) appropriate methods to promote the education of road users and the organisation of road safety campaigns;

iii) proper law enforcement methods, introduction of appropriate legislation and the need for amendment of existing legislation with regard to road safety;

iv) the condition and maintenance of vehicles and on driver training;

v) driver training.

b) analyse data on road accidents, identify dangerous spots where accidents frequently occur, and suggest remedial measures;

c) appraise and assess the cost effectiveness of road safety measures;

d) ensure coordination among the various Government bodies and motoring organisations dealing with road safety matters; and

e) consider, either on its own initiative or upon reference from the Minister, any matter relating to road safety and the prevention of road accidents and to tender advice to the Minister on the matter.

The Council consists of:

a) a Chairman, appointed by the Minister;

b) the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail or his representative;

c) a representative of the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit;

d) a representative of the Attorney-General's Office;

e) a representative of the Commissioner of Police;

f) a representative of the National Land Transport Authority;

g) a representative of the Ministry of Health and Wellness;

h) a representative of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology;

i) a representative of the Association of Urban Authorities;

j) a representative of the Association of District Councils;

k) a representative of the motor insurance business appointed by the Minister;

l) 2 persons engaged in the road transport industry appointed by the Minister; and

m) 2 members of the public with adequate knowledge in psychology, advertising or mass communication appointed by the Minister.​